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In contract programming, the same checks are written inside the in blocks of capabilities. With a set fee personal mortgage, your monthly fee stays the identical as you pay again the amount you borrowed. Serendipitously, we were each considering the same thing: let’s create a e-book celebrating app icon design. Let’s stay in contact! I used to be on a “if you may measure it, you’ll be able to win it” kick, and though that having more insights into my electronic mail would permit me to better stay on high if it. I just began all the way again at the first icon I posted, discovered who made it, and reached out to them through electronic mail. Playback Rate was a Chrome extension to simply click the following page management the playback fee of videos embedded in web pages, back when websites have been beginning to change from Flash-primarily based video playback to the HTML5 tag. Current standing: Though it has survived numerous Chrome Web Store extension purges, the websites that the extension stiched collectively either don’t exist anymore (e.g. WebKit no longer uses Trac) or have changed significantly (Chromium’s code search), thus the performance has rotted over time. But I by no means mustered the time to start out breaking down the seemingly-large activity of “make a book” into concrete, actionable items.

I began using in 2005 (when I used to be on a construct cop rotation and needed to shortly monitor down changes), and made some small improvements to it over the subsequent few years. You’ve just gotta keep the original basis of a few stocks For life and change them if you actually have to – just like the WHS. Since then, we’ve brought on a few more individuals to assist and have been collaborating on bringing this e-book to life. I first created it as I was becoming a member of on the Chrome group (and ending up with too many tabs), however it found a second life once i started to do extra browser spelunking whereas at Quip. REGENCY booklet tells all about the primary transistor radio and related fashions TR-1, TR-1G, TR-4, Bulova 250, Mitchell, Mantola, and discusses colours, variation, date codes, rarities, and trivia. Though Pinto served Ford well in a troublesome interval, it will ­forever be remembered as what one wag referred to as “the barbecue that seats 4.” That refers back to the dangerously weak gasoline tank and filler-neck design of 1971-76 sedan fashions implicated in a rash of extremely publicized (and fatal) fires following rear-end collisions. But the ’49 was probably the most-changed Ford because the Model A, and was as a lot successful.

Current status: I did not do a lot Android growth after 2014, so I have not maintained the instrument – there are fairly a couple of forks so it should nonetheless be useful to some. Gmail nonetheless has an IMAP interface, but this can be a Python 2 codebase that might require significant modernization. Think of it as Timehop to your codebase. Augur is the pioneer of the work token model. Michael has written a little bit about our collective progress so far, however I needed to put in writing a bit about the work I’ve been doing. I knew of Michael as a result of I had over 30 of his icons in my gallery. Whenever he released an icon, I knew instantly I had new content for my gallery. To get started, I opened up iOS icon gallery as far again as I could go and began finding contact data for every single icon. For over a month now I’ve been going by means of the icons one by one, finding contact data for each. I wanted to jot down this blog post to point out a number of the attention-grabbing sights and landmarks I’ve seen on my journey by means of the interwebs finding previous app icons, lots of which are for apps that not exist.

In May 2022 Terra, then the third largest DeFi ecosystem by TVL, collapsed spectacularly wiping out over 30 billion dollars of capital invested within the ecosystem in a single day. Besides being a navel-gazing kind of software in the times earlier than GitHub contribution graphs, it additionally allowed project activity to be tracked and patterns to be observed over time (e.g. how many modifications point out “XSS”). Mail Trends is a software to visualize varied statistics about about an IMAP email account, particularly a Gmail-hosted one. There is also pattern output from operating it over the Eron Email corpus. Current standing: There was a significant Gmail infrastructure change in late 2007, including semi-official Greasemonkey assist, and i ported my hottest script over. Current status: Archived, has not run since November 2009. The service relied on an “auto-friend” flag (where it would automatically follow anybody that followed it), which Twitter has since eliminated. The subscription part relied on feeds supporting PubSubHubbub (a precursor to WebSub) that allowed webhook-like callbacks to be registered for RSS and Atom feeds.