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Stop-and-copy and generational, incremental garbage collection. Scheme errors, define Scheme variables and symbols, evaluate S-expressions encoded as C strings, and utilize the garbage collector. Topics range from the general architecture of extensible applications and the use of dynamic loading to advanced techniques such as weak data structures and cooperation with the garbage collector. Elk provides a new Scheme primitive dump which freezes the dynamic runtime image of the Scheme interpreter into an executable file (including an enclosing application if present). Also new in Elk 3.0 is a POSIX-style regular expression extension. The UNIX extension supports a wide range of different UNIX platforms without restricting its functionality to the lowest common denominator or to the POSIX 1003.1 functions. Dynamic loading in Elk is supported on many platforms and is not restricted to a dlopen() interface. The first freely available version, Elk 1.0, was published in USENET in September 1989. Since then, Elk has been successfully used as the extension language framework for numerous applications (commercial products as well as free software projects). The copyright/license agreement permits free redistribution and use of Elk in commercial products. UNIX interface. Elk provides Scheme access to most UNIX system calls and common C library functions.