With iBeacon HomeKit – what to look forward to

iBeacon is a Bluetooth Low Power (BLE) communication technology that enables mobile applications to capture and respond to signals from beacons in the physical world. It allows mobile applications to assess their position on a micro scale, to deliver hypertext content to users based on their location. We take a look at how these two things from Apple work together on the Internet (IoT) to make our lives clearer.

iBeacon in HomeKit

Currently, iBeacon is mainly sold by Apple for the retail environment. With HomeKit, Apple’s home-grown BLE technology will be available to a larger customer base that creates a smart home. At its most basic level, iBeacon will notify Apple’s smart home of the user’s presence when they get home, և all systems will work according to their pre-defined conditions, welcome և ready to use.

Using IBeacon on Smart Home Devices

iBEacon can be used to define the operation of smart devices such as lighting, air conditioners, heating / cooling systems, televisions, etc. With Siri integration, simple voice commands and voice alerts automate systems and activate devices. Various applications, such as Calendar և Notes, can also be used to work in conjunction with the Home Kit և iBeacon to give commands to various smart devices in the home.

HomeKit now offers iBeacon’s in-built support for home lighting control, there’s so much more you can do if your imagination runs wild. For example, a keyboard beacon will help your smartphone push back their key when it is out of place in the house. Also, when the key is inserted into the lock, the various programmed lights will be switched on as soon as you enter the house.

Apple iBeacon for home

In 2014, Apple introduced the first dedicated iBeacon-compatible beacon for its Smart Home product. Apple iBeacon will make iPhone, iPad or other compatible iOS devices a temporarily detectable beacon. Thus, using HomeKit, the user will be able to control locks, lights, doors, security cameras, switches, candles, kitchen appliances and much more. Apple will not supply hardware for the iBeacon, as many third-party hardware beacons are already available. Apple iBeacon will act more as a centralized control unit that can be run from iPhone or iWatch.

What smart home applications you can build using iBeacon և HomeKit

There are a number of programs available to control indoor lighting և other basic activities. However, they still need to be fully developed in order to be truly effective. Here are some ideas on where iBeacon can be used with HomeKit to create smart living space.

IBeacon to notify selected recipients of your arrival. For example, the presence of family members can be detected through an application when they enter or leave the house

Automatically lock or turn off devices such as computers, laptops, or TVs at home when a beacon is not nearby

Take photos remotely from your security camera or webcam և Send it to him using the camera via iBeacon. Thus, a photo of any intruder can be safely written: saved even when the occupant of the house is not at home

Turn on the music system in your car or at home to play any special song when the beacon is near

Timber տեղադր Easy to install, BLE Beacon shipments are projected to exceed more than 400 million units over the next five years, according to an ABI Research report. With iOS 10 all set to hit the market next year, the use of iBeacon technology will soon be widespread around the world.